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e-toll transactions can be disputed through a Nomination, or a Representation process.


A nomination is when the responsibility for the payment of the e-toll transaction is re-directed to another party. An example of a nomination would be if the owner of the vehicle (the father) nominates a family member (the child) to pay the e-toll transactions.


A representation is when the responsibility for the payment of the e-toll transaction is being denied. An example of a representation would be if the e-toll transaction is for a vehicle that the user did not drive or own.

To lodge a dispute, the following information is needed;

The relevant Nomination or Representation Form, signed by a Commissioner of Oaths.
Details of the specific e-toll transaction/s that are being disputed.
A sworn affidavit and relevant supporting documentation.
In the case of a Nomination, a certified copy of the nominated driver’s Identification Document (ID) or driver’s licence.

Download Nominations Form


Download Representations Form

Nomination and Representation forms can be submitted;

At a Customer Service Centre, located at a mall or along the Gauteng e-roads (click here for locations).
By registered mail to the following address:
  Violations Processing Centre (VPC)
  Private Bag X164
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