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I am not sure if I have overdue e-toll
transactions, how can I find out?


The Violations Processing Centre (VPC) is responsible for the collection and processing of overdue e-toll Transactions for Non-Registered and Registered SANRAL Account Holders.

If e-toll transactions are not paid within the seven (7) day grace periodInformationThe Grace Period is the time frame which a road user has in which to pay their outstanding fees.

The Grace Period is 7 days from the time of your transaction
, these transactions are handed over to the the Violations Processing Centre (VPC). The overdue e-toll Transactions will increase to the Alternative UserInformationAn alternate user is a user who does not qualify for any discounts at the time of an e-toll transaction and will pay standard e-toll tariff rates.

An alternate user is identified at the time of the e-toll transaction by an e-tag or a VLN or by both where applicable.
e-toll Tariffs and the discounts will be forfeited.

Within the the Violations Processing Centre (VPC), the owner of a vehicle that was used for the e-toll transaction/s which are overdue, is identified and a Violations Processing Centre (VPC) Account is opened.

Notices, invoices, statements and transaction reports are sent to the e-toll account holder (if registered) as well as the owner of the vehicle.

Disputes, in the form of Nominations and Representations of overdue e-toll transactions can be logged with the Violations Processing Centre (VPC).

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Click here for e-toll Account Registration on the Violation Processing Centre (VPC) website.
Click here to view your overdue e-toll transactions on the Violations Processing Centre (VPC) website.
Click here if you wish to dispute any overdue e-toll transactions.
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